WonderLab Museum

WonderLab Museum

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WonderLab is an innovative science and technology museum situated on the courthouse square, in downtown Bloomington, Indiana.Opened to the public in 1998, the museum, through its hands-on exhibits and programs, aims to educate people of all ages - especially children - in an attempt to inculcate in them basic scientific principles and to foster an attitude for continuous learning.WonderLab features more than 25 permanent and changing hands-on exhibits in science, health, and technology as well as make-and-take activities that vary every week.Exhibits and experiments – which the visitors can test themselves – are scheduled in various thematic sections that are designed in line with Indiana academic standards. A selection of interactive science demonstrations, on a particular science topic, is part of the daily schedule.The landscaped Wondergarden, by the side of the museum building, is an ideal place to rest and relax, and is a respite from the downtown bustle. Its amphitheater hosts interesting outdoor science programs.The museum’s Resource Room is home to numerous magazines and science activity books. The museum gift store has high-quality science toys, puzzles, games, activity kits, and logo items.WonderLab is located near the Indiana University and Convention Center.

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