Coastal Carolina University GPA, SAT and ACT Data

Coastal Carolina University GPA, SAT and ACT Data

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Coastal Carolina GPA, SAT and ACT Graph

Coastal Carolina University GPA, SAT Scores, and ACT Scores for Admission. Data courtesy of Cappex.

How Do You Measure Up at Coastal Carolina University?

Calculate Your Chances of Getting In with this free tool from Cappex.

Discussion of Coastal Carolina's Admissions Standards:

As the scattergram above shows, Coastal Carolina University has moderately selective admissions. In 2015, 60% of all applicants were admitted. The blue and green dots in the graph represent accepted students, so you can see that most admitted students had a GPA of a 2.5 or higher, an ACT composite score of 18 or better, and a combined SAT score (RW+M) above 950.

In the middle of the graph, you'll notice a few red dots (rejected students) and yellow dots (waitlisted students) overlapping with the green and blue. This means that a few students who were on target for admission to Coastal Carolina University did not get in. On the flip side, you can see that some students were accepted with test scores and grades below the norm. This is because Coastal Carolina University's admission process isn't based entirely on numerical data. Applicants are welcome to submit a personal essay and letters of recommendation. This holistic measures can help students whose grades and test scores are sub-par.

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