English for Medical Purposes - A Physical Examination

English for Medical Purposes - A Physical Examination

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This sample conversation is for a physical examination at a doctor's appointment.

Doctor: When did you last come in for a physical exam?
Patient: I had my last physical two years ago.

Doctor: Have you had any other exams recently? Blood work, an EKG or an ultra-sound?
Patient: Well, I had a few X-rays at the dentist.

Doctor: How have you been feeling in general?
Patient: Pretty well. No complaints, really.

Doctor: Could you roll up your left sleeve? I'd like to take your blood pressure.
Patient: Certainly.

Doctor: 120 over 80. That's fine. You don't seem to be overweight, that's good. Do you exercise regularly?
Patient: No, not really. If I run up a flight of stairs, it takes me a while to get my breath back. I need to get out more.

Doctor: That would be a good idea. How about your diet?
Patient: I think I eat a pretty balanced diet. You know, I'll have a hamburger from time to time, but generally, I have well-balanced meals.

Doctor: That's good. Now, I'm going to listen to your heart.
Patient: Ooh, that's cold!

Doctor: Don't worry it's just my stethoscope. Now, breathe in and hold your breath. Please pull up your shirt, and breathe deeply… Everything sounds good. Let's take a look at your throat. Please open wide and say 'ah'.
Patient: 'ah'

Doctor: OK. Everything looks ship shape. I'm going to order some blood work and that's about it. Take this slip to the front desk and they'll arrange an appointment for the tests.
Patient: Thank you, doctor. Have a nice day.

Key Vocabulary

  • physical examination (exam)
  • blood work
  • EKG
  • ultra-sound
  • x-rays
  • to roll up sleeves
  • overweight - underweight
  • to exercise regularly
  • balanced diet
  • well-balanced meals
  • stethoscope
  • to breath in
  • to hold one's breath
  • to pull on one's shirt
  • to breathe deeply
  • to open wide
  • to look ship shape
  • slip
  • front desk
  • to arrange an appointment

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